Electrical Points of Wall

Our professional builders contact with reputed electricians of the area to follow regular building standards to place electric points on walls. In this way, we make sure about location of each switch, whether it is in kitchen, bedroom or living room remains at appropriate working heights for new homebuyers or individuals want to reconstruct the residential property.

Electrical Switches on Walls in Standard Construction

  1. We place wall switches for light fixtures in case of standard applications about 48inches to 52inches above the floor to maintain standard wall box of only 4-inch.
  2. Next, we install the switch box at either the bottom or top of the marked 48inches or at the center of the mark.

Electrical Switches in Staircases and Bedrooms

  1. We make sure to install two-way connection in each bedroom for fans and lights.
  2. We strive hard to analyze the placement of electrical switches on staircases of any specific property, so that you find adequate amount of light there. In case of long staircases, we place two-way switch connection, as in the case of bedroom. In this way, you can turn on the light while moving ahead to next floor and switch off while reaching to the next floor.

Special Situations on Electrical Switches Placement

Standard of 48inches to 52inches from the floor may vary among people, who feel comfortable with other heights and varying standards to accomplish specialty applications. These include placement of electrical switches in kitchen, nearby countertops, in bathrooms, in basement and various others.

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