Foundation Steps

Home is a dream for every common person, as it helps him or her to stay happily with near and dear ones. If you are the one want to build your new home, we are here to help you with every possible requisite related to building your home. We know that building of a good home depends solely on the strong foundation. For this, we always remain ready to help you out in different steps associated with building your home. These are

Site Cleaning

Before we start with our construction job and setup foundation, we clean the construction site properly and avoid any obstacle in the path.

Bore Well Digging

We consult with reputable bore well digging companies and professionals to analyze the entire construction site to find the right place and appropriate depth of the would-be bore well. Once we succeed to find an appropriate place and a specific depth to dig bore wells, we start with the further construction jobs. We approach bore well vendors to bring hydraulic rigs operating at the highest possible speed to get the job done within les time and with less manual effort.

Marking of Construction Site

We mark the entire construction site to start with the construction job. For this, our engineers and mansions identify proper placement of pillars. After placing pillars as per condition of the soil, we start with the earthwork.

Pillar Footings

Finally, we take steps to dig the soil for various pillar footings based on the advice given by engineers. Accordingly, we continue with the job of digging soil until we find hard soil.

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