Tie, Beams and Pillar columns are important steps associated with building homes. For this, our team discusses with our clients (homeowners) and then, starts with making pillars and beams ready for footings. For this, we opt to follow a few essential steps, which include the following-

  1. Placement of a mat beneath the pillar or beam to begin our job
  2. Preparation of jelly base of about 40mm and of 4 inches to 6 inches beneath the placed iron mat
  3. At the top portion of prepared jelly base, we mark the respective dine. In this case, if our clients want to get view of the marked dine; we provide them with relevant photos, along with zoom features.
  4. Next, we use binding wire to keep the top part of the marking pillar fully tight.
  5. Once we make sure to place pillars tightly, we make sure about avoiding any shake of pillars in between by using heavy bags and long sticks on its edges.
  6. In this way, beams and pillars become ready to place the necessary footings.
  7. Finally, we pour concrete in the highlighted pits formed with beams and pillars. In this situation, we essentially choose for the height of 2feet.

Therefore, with the mentioned essential steps, our engineers and architects make sure about appropriate placement of beams and pillars to construct your dream property. Whenever you want to get construction services, especially placement of pillars and beams, just feel free to approach our expert construction experts and architects.

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