We recommend you different steps to follow to paint the interior and exterior area of your property.

Interior Area of Homes

In case of painting interior home areas, you have to follow a few easy steps, as mentioned here-

  1. Painters start with the procedure by cleaning the walls and ceiling of your new building.
  2. Once, cleaning completes, they start with applying primer, known as the beginning step associated with the complete painting procedure.
  3. Next, painters apply putty to bring smoothness of the walls’ surfaces. With the aim to test or identify smoothness, you should judge the walls’ surfaces under the lighting of a tube light.
  1. Once application of putty completes, the process related to painting of quote starts. Once painters complete a single quote of painting on walls, electricians start with the fixing of electrical switches, while carpenters start their jobs on kitchen woodwork and wardrobes.
  2. After the completion of electrical switch fitting and wardrobes in the respective places, you have to paint the second quote. However, before the application of second painting quote, professionals protect the electrical switches of your property by using taps.

Exterior Area of Homes

Painting in exterior or outside area of any residential property consists of three major steps i.e.

  1. Application of primers i.e. painters apply painting primers on the exterior walls of your property.
  2. Select a top quality of paint and apply its first quote in the exterior walls.
  3. Finally, painters apply the second quote of the paint to outside walls.

Therefore, painting of both interior and exterior area of your home completes successfully.

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