We put our best possible effort to cover almost every aspect with plastering of your property to safeguard it from any of the natural or manual hazards. To perform the plastering job successfully, you should-

Fix Mesh for Walls, Beams and Pillars Joints

You should fix meshes for walls, beams and pillars’ joints. This prevents any crack in the plastering job and you have to perform the step before you should start with the actual plastering job.

Focus on Outward Plastering of the Property

Next, you have to look and focus on the outward plastering of your residential property. Here, you can find various plastering marks easily.

Avoid Cooking inside the New House

You should strictly avoid cooking food inside the new house while plastering does not complete over its roof. It will result in accumulation of smoke towards the roof and if you do plastering job without cleaning it properly, cement layer of the plaster detaches from the roof leading to cracks in the walls.

Pedestal Creation by using Wooden Sticks

Mason should essentially create a pedestal by using various wooden sticks before they should start with the actual plastering work for your property.

Close Water Lines

Next, before you hire labors to do the plastering job, you should make sure about closing the water lines. This will prevent the entry of cement within the pipes.


With the aim to accomplish the task of plastering in the safest possible way (both safety of labors and the new property), you should make sure labors cover the work area by using tarpaulin properly.

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