Polishing and Wood Work

Wood is a comforting and beautiful to bring a sense of our connection with nature and gives many health benefits combined with charm and subtle elegance to the décor. Because of this, we recommend you to opt for regular maintenance of woodwork to retain its new and fresh look, while avoid long-term problems with it.

Steps to Follow

  1. Our experts recommend you to apply water for cleaning of the wooden surfaces and use a combination of mild soap with warm water. You have to use the mixture sparingly without soaking the wood completely, while at the same time; make the entire surface dry by using a dry and a soft cloth.
  1. When you should opt to clean tricky corner or any other hard approachable areas, you should apply a soft toothbrush for scrapping off the dust and dirt, while wipe by using a soft cloth.
  2. Once cleaning completes, it is essential for you to polish the woodwork of your home properly. For this, you should apply a paste of soft wax on wood in an even way, as instructed and allow it to set for half an hour period. After this, you should buff the wax by using a soft type of shoe polish brush or simply apply a soft cloth.
  3. Finally, you should make sure keeping indoor furniture out from the exposure of direct sunlight, as sunrays cause depletion of various moisture contents present in the wood leading to its crack. Alternatively, you have to use UV resistant oil, a penetrating type of product and a non-brittle sealer coat to safeguard your furniture items.

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